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Modern Southern CT designs. The best interior design firm. Transitional, modern and boho styles.

Beautiful interior designs for restoration projects. Sometimes it's an inspiring color combination or maybe it's the subtle curve of a delicate line. At Jennifer Hallock Designs we combine great design concepts with the client's personal tastes and budget to create an ideal living space.

greenwhich CT

interior design


Jennifer Hallock Designs is experienced in the art of interior design and remodeling in Greenwhich, CT. Our designers are knowledgeable in all aspects of design, from project management to working with architects and general contractors. We can create an inspiring interior design plan based on a client's personal style and the home's character. Greenwich, CT is a beautiful place to live and your home should be a reflection of that beauty. We look forward to designing together.

Home renovation in Greenwich CT.

Greenwich CT | Interior Design

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