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interior design


home styling and renovation in modern, midcentury, and bohemian.

classic historic restorations.

We believe that the smallest of design details can have the biggest impact. Sometimes it's an inspiring color combination. Or maybe it's the subtle curve of a delicate line. We all have different ideas of what our ideal living space should look like, but one thing's for sure- we all know when we're in the presence of great design because it moves us. Inspires us, even. Makes us feel good inside.


At Jennifer Hallock Designs we combine great design concepts with your personal tastes, budgets, and needs to create your ideal Fairfield CT living space.

fairfield ct interior designer

Fairfield CT | Interior Design

Fairfield CT Interior Design

Jennifer Hallock Designs is experienced in the art of

design and remodeling in Fairfield, CT. Our designers

are knowledgable in all aspects of design from project management

to working with architects and general contractors. We can create

a plan that will inspire and delight you based on your personal style

and your home's character. Fairfield, CT is a beautiful place

to live and your home should be a reflection of that beauty.


We look forward to designing your home.

fairfield ct interior designer
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